design Process

In order to create spaces that are beautiful and functional, we go through our design process:

First, we analyze, synthesize, and advise relevant aspects of our clients' lives. Next, we work within our client's budget to maximize resources. Then, we create a color palette to reflect each client's individuality. Lastly, from space planning--floor plans and elevations--we develop a design solution that is a creative, functional, and as unique as each client. 

With a commitment to superior outcomes, our clients are thrilled with the spaces that they call home. 




Initial Meeting

In the first meeting, we glean an understanding of the scope of the project: is our client looking to re-imagine one room, the entire home, or an addition? We also work on getting a sense of how our clients live. Particularly, how they use and intend to use the spaces we will work to transform with them: is entertaining a big component of their lifestyle, does any member of the household work from home, do the spaces need to be child and or animal friendly, are there elderly living in the home or visiting often, does the client have houseguests regularly? It is our belief that great design comes in a myriad of packages and it is our priority to make our clients' spaces reflective of their tastes and lifestyle habits while remaining, above all, functional. 

We love it when we meet with a client and they have an idea of what they are drawn to: some clients show us photos or magazine pages they are inspired by and interested in incorporating in their home. It is helpful to us, as the designers, to understand a client's vision. At the same time, it is our philosophy and mission, to provide our clients with furnishings and finishes that will be flawlessly tailored to meet our clients' lifestyle and stand the test of time. Because of this commitment to creating beautiful and lasting spaces and environments, we express to our clients in the beginning stages that the project we are embarking on together as a designer:client team, is a process. While it is exciting to jump right into selecting fabric, wall covering, and rug samples, the end goal requires diligence on our part to complete each component of our design process. 

space planning & design

Through our discovery process in the first few meetings with our clients, we are able to analyze and evaluate all of the design possibilities. Respecting the budget and limits provided to us by our client(s), we create design options and present them. With attention paid to the budget set as well as any reuse of beloved furniture, floor coverings, and or art work, our first design options (think small-scale vision board), once reviewed by the client, give us the building blocks to assess more tangibly the desires of our clients. Design options are presented alongside floor plans and elevations. 

Throughout this phase, we gain a greater understanding of the exact needs of our clients as well as address, more concretely, the requirements of the space. 

As many conversations, trips to showrooms to pull samples, and adjustments to the floor plans and/or elevations as it takes, we work tirelessly with our client to arrive at the best solution. We work to ensure that each element of the project is thoughtfully considered, meets and hopefully exceeds the client's wishes, and that the budget is respected. 

The Devil is in the details

After weighing design options with our client, we return to our drawing board and refine our plans to assure that every aspect of their lifestyle and needs are met. This can be a simple step or may lead to designing custom furniture or millwork (molding and finishes) to create the ultimate space(s). 

Once the concept has been agreed upon and orders have been made, the lead time before installation, allows us to focus on the details. Working closely with our clients, this step in our process can be the most fun. We strongly believe that the devil is in fact, in the details. A porcelain bowl set on a foyer table, the tassels attached to keys left in interior doors, choosing art, and or curating bookshelves have the capacity to reinforce, through subtlety, the intricacies of our client and their family's unique taste and personality.


Once all of the elements are in place, we start to execute. This includes coordinating on-site construction work and installations, deliveries of furniture. Working on a timeline that we prepare, we organize installations and deliveries according to lead times of elements ordered as well as any time restraints required by our clients (i.e. installations must be finished a week before the holidays).

We manage every step and stage of the procurement, production, and installation process. We meet all sub-contractors, inspect all fixtures, furnishings, and finishes prior to their installation in our clients' spaces. We are there to troubleshoot the unexpected and deal with any problems that may arise with orders and or installers. Our goal is to provide the highest level of quality that meets our exacting standards.